A Complete Guide to Low Carb Milk

This article answers many of your questions like Is Milk Low Carb or what are Low Carb Milk Alternatives.

Ask yourself if milk is suitable for Low Carb Breakfast suitable? Cold, fresh milk with muesli is always a breakfast powerhouse.

But not for usif we follow a low-carb diet or a keto diet.

Low Carb Pancakes, Eggs and bacon are very good low-carb breakfast dishes. But on a hectic morning, would you really have eggs for a Low Carb Frittata and prepare a healthy low-carb breakfast?

My answer is no! I am sure your answer is the same.

Low Carb Milk with Keto cookies

In this article, you will find out which Low Carb Milk can help them lose weight.

Carbohydrates in a ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet is a very low-carbohydrate, high-fat, moderate protein diet, and most people need to keep their carbohydrate intake on about 20-30 g carbohydrates per day Limit.

To put a milk in a ketogenic or Low Carb Diet it must therefore also be low in carbohydrates.

Let’s discuss which milk fits into a low carb diet, the amount of carbohydrates in the milk, keto diet milk alternatives and how to include the taste and texture of the milk in low carb recipes.

Is milk low in carbohydrates?

In short, you can drink milk in the low carb diet.

But can you drink milk in a ketogenic diet? It depends on the amount you consume.

100 ml fresh milk with 3.5% fat and 1.5 fat contains approximately 4.7 g carbohydrates. (Wikipedia)

Since many people who follow a ketogenic diet consume less than 20 carbohydrates per day, milk is not an ideal food choice, because 200 ml would consume almost half of the daily amount of carbohydrates.

As a result, the milk in Keto not very goodbecause it contains a high content of sugar in the form of lactose.

However, milk can fit into a low-carb diet, but you need to be careful with the size of the glass of milk.

Is almond milk a low carb milk?

Yes! Almond milk without sugar, the Best Low Carb Milk.

Almond milk is probably also the most commonly used milk in the ketogenic diet.

It is inexpensive, is sold in most grocery stores and 100 ml almond milk Contain 0 g carbohydrates and 2 g fat.

Is Coconut Milk a Low Carb Milk?

Coconut milk is also a low carb milk, just like almond milk. Coconut milk is available in two forms:

  • Coconut – Coconut milk has 4 g carbohydrates and 22 g fat per 100 ml. It resembles most normal milk with a consistency that you would drink.
  • Creamy coconut milk – Creamy coconut milk has 3 g carbohydrates and 19 g fat per 100 mlCreamy coconut milk is very viscous and is usually used in recipes rather than for drinking.


Always choose the natural and unsweetened coconut milk for both ketogenic and low-carb diets.

Is soy milk a low carb milk?

Yes! Natural soy milk (excluding sugar) is also a Low Carb Milk and Keto.

100 ml soy milk Contain 1 g carbohydrates and 1.5 g fat.

But most of the soy milk available in grocery stores has added sugar, so it’s best to check it before buying it.

Is oat milk a low carb milk?

Can i drink oat milk in a keto diet made from oats?

No! Given the high carbohydrate content of raw oats, oat milk Not into a keto diet.

100 ml oat milk Contain 6.6 g carbohydrates and are not a good choice for a low carb diet and keto diet.

Is coffee cream a low carb product?

Yes! You can use your coffee with Coffee cream available in supermarkets.

10 ml or 1 tbsp coffee cream Contain 0.4 g carbohydrates and if you add 2 tbsp to your coffee, it’s 0.8g carbohydrates.

Coffee cream fits into a low-carb and ketogenic diet.

Is whipped cream a low carb product?

Yes, whipped cream is a low carb milk alternative.

Whipped cream Keto is with 3.2 g carb per 100 g. This is one of the reasons why it is used in many low carb recipes.


Similarly, Whipped cream, Schmand And Sour cream 3.4 g carb per 100 g. cream is the fat content separated from fresh cow’s milk to make butter or whipped cream. It is rich in fat and calories.

Milk alternatives for low carb recipes

Milk and milk alternatives are tasty drinks and an important ingredient in many recipes.

If the milk itself is not keto… what milk is Keto? With the right substitutes, you can still enjoy taste and creaminess similar to milk.

Low Carb Milk Alternatives
Low Carb Milk Alternatives

Try this low carb milk once:

Unsweetened vanilla almond milk – It is soft and sweet like normal milk, without the high sugar content. You can easily make them yourself! You can also buy it, but make sure it is unsweetened.

Whipped cream – If you tolerate milk, this is the most realistic keto milk substitute. Whipped cream is usually too rich and high in calories to drink, but it is delicious for coffee or use in recipes. Sometimes you can add water to make a milk substitute.

Coconut – Full-fat varieties are keto milk, although low-fat coconut milk drink is also suitable for drinking. Pay attention to added sugar.

Cashew milk, macadamia milk and hemp milk – These cow’s milk alternatives contain between 1 carbohydrate per 240 ml. But they are not easily available and also expensive.

Butter – You can’t drink it, but if you mix butter into hot coffee, it turns into a creamy milk coffee. Try it in these Bulletproof coffee recipes!

at the end

Always remember that the nutritional information differs from the different brands. Pay attention to sugar in the ingredients for dairy products.

Take the quiz – which cuisine should you cook next on your low-carb diet?

The control of portions is importantIf low carb milk is consumed in large quantities, then it is not low carb at all.

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