Berlin’s Best (& independent) Breakfast & Brunch Guide

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I’ve been eating a ton of breakfasts in Berlin – starting from the 2003 all-you-can-eat brunch buffet with sweaty cheese in Friedrichshain to the 2016 2hrs-min wait-time at the hottest pop-up in a deserted factory in Moabit. I love my classics as much as I love a playful and creative menu. I value good coffee as much as its alternatives. So here’s my choice of breakfast excellency: From a quick Simit in Kreuzberg to extended Palestinian-Israeli feasts in Prenzlauer Berg, Southeast Asian twists on brunch classics in Neukölln as well as the classic German Breakfast in the West.

This guide covers 42 different locations in Berlin to satisfy your morning hunger: From quick & easy places when time is short but cravings are high, to slow & indulgent brunch options that you wish would last all day. All of these locations cater to the vegetarians, and there are extra markers for vegan, vegan-friendly, gluten-free friendly menus, as well as those with boozy drinks on offer.

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I really ate a lot of breakfast in Berlin – from the All You Can Eat buffets with sweaty cheese in Friedrichshain around 2003 to the two-hour wait at the brunch pop-up in a Moabiter factory hall 2016. I love the classics as well as playful reinterpretations, and appreciate good coffee as well as alternatives. This is my leaderboard: from a fast Simit Simit Sesame Ring<7a> in Kreuzberg, over an extensive Palestinian-Israeli feast in Prenzlauer Berg, Southeast Asian Twists in Neukölln, to the first-class traditional German breakfast board in the west.

This guide contains 42 different stores to satisfy any kind of morning hunger – from Quick & Simple – when time is short but hunger is great, to Slow & Magnificent – if no other plans cross a dish. All of them have vegetarian options, and I’ve added if there are also vegan and/or gluten-free options. There is also a hallmark for those who already serve alcohol in the morning.


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Enjoy your meal!

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