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Brewing is the process of fermenting a starch-based sweet liquid with yeast. The sweet liquid used in brewing is produced by soaking a starch source like barley in water.
It is an ancient process and dates back to around 8000 years from now. However, it has been only a century or more that it has become a major part of the economy in many countries.
The brewing of beer or wine is done at different levels ranging from home brewing to industrial brewing.
The industrial brewing involves standard equipment and processes and is produced under the supervision of field experts. The outcome, therefore, is the consistent quality of product across batches and plants. However, it lacks the satisfaction which you get when you brew your own beer or wine.

Home brewing kits uk

So, despite having no shortage of ready-made beer in the market, there are people who really love to brew it in their homes. And the good news for the passionate home brewers is that there are plenty of good quality home brewing kits available in the present time.
These brewing kits have every item you need for home brewing including the instructions to do your own brewing.
The kits are helpful for the experienced brewers for they offer more convenience to them than their first days of brewing. For beginners, it offers a wonderful opportunity to learn to do brewing right the first time. Of course, it calls for you to carefully follow the instructions given with the brewing kit.
Now, the biggest predicament is in choosing the right brewing kit for yourself. Yes, we understand this, and to help you select the best one for you we have studied many brewing kits and have shortlisted the top 5 best kits for you.

Home Brew Kit Comparison Table




Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit

    • Brew 6.8% ABV beer

    • Includes all essential ingredients & components

    • Reusable components

    1 American Gallon

Coopers DIY Beer Home Brewing Kit

    • Patented fermenter

    • Kauser Collar avoid overflow

    • All ingredients made by Coopers team

6 Gallon

Brewbarrel Beer Making Kit IPA

    • Brewing in just a week

    • No bottle needed. Tap beer from the keg

    • Provides pre-processed malt extract

5 Liters

Hedgerow Wine Kit

    • Unique, simple, delicious wine kit

    • Recipes for 30+ fruits

    • Great support team

4.5 Liters

Brew Buddy Beer Home Brew Starter Kit

    • 4.5% ABV Beer

    • Easy-to-follow instructions

    • Perfect Gift Idea

40 Pints

Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit

Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit is a complete brewing kit having all ingredients needed to give you a wonderful brew making experience including the cool price range.
One of the most reasonably priced brewing kits provides you an equally pleasing experience while you sip on the own-brewed beer during the pleasant summer evening beside your pool.

The kit includes the thermometer to monitor the temperature while brewing and a glass fermentation jug. In addition, it contains the racking cane, vinyl tubing & tubing clamp, chambered airlock, and screw-cap stopper.
The ingredients include 1 Gallon of All-grain mix, Columbus Hops, Cascade Hops, and Beer Making Yeast.
You need to arrange for a cooking utensil with 6-liter capacity and a big strainer. You must take note of the fact that 1 Gallon here is 1 American Gallon.
It takes around a month of brewing to get a strong 6.8% ABV beer through this kit. Anyone new to brewing would really enjoy the process and learn the art of brewing from scratch through the very simple and easy instructions provided with the kit.
All the components of the kit are reusable. You can easily get the refills of the ingredients when consumed and use the same components to brew again.
All in all, the Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit offers a good value for money while brewing a strong beer that you would enjoy while the yeasts consume the sweet and you have the feast!

Coopers DIY Beer Home Brewing 6 Gallon All Inclusive Craft Beer Making Kit

The Coopers DIY has been in the field of brewing for over one and a half-centuries. They are the biggest manufacturer of the homebrew kits in the world and export more kits than any other single manufacture across the globe.
Despite being into this business for so long Coopers have still kept it all very simple. If you want to go with a home brewing kit that is easier, quicker and brew a tasty beer, Coopers DIY beer making kit would be the perfect choice for you.
The kit contains all the ingredients to make 6 Gallons of beer at a time.
The kit comprises the patented fermenter, the tap assembly, Hydrometer, mixing spoons and PET bottles. In addition, the kit also includes a thermometer, bottling wand and a refill pack as well.
All the components in the kit are reusable and you can brew consistent quality of beer time and time again.
The brewing process is very simple and even a beginner can brew the top quality beer following the simple step and can master the art of brewing before even knowing it.

The patented fermenter in the kit is unique and has a wide base and mouth to facilitate easy cleaning. Besides, the Krauser Collar helps in avoiding the overflow.
Another unique feature with the Coopers DIY is that they prepare all their ingredients on their own ensuring strict monitoring during the entire manufacturing process.

Brewbarrel Beer Making Kit IPA - India Pale Ale in A 5-Litre Keg

Can you imagine brewing your beer in just 7 days! If you can’t, Brew-barrel Beer Making Kit IPA does it for you.
Yes, you read it right! The Brewbarrel Beer Making Kit IPA has a special process developed for home brewing that just takes a week to get you your tasty beer to enjoy with your friends.
Besides this, you do not need to go through the tedious process of cleaning before starting the brewing process. You can start brewing within 10 minutes to prepare 5 liters of beer.
Furthermore, you do not need any bottles to fill the beer; you can tap it from the keg.
The kit includes a 5L keg as a fermentation tank, the malt extract, natural flavor, and yeast.
The malt extract included in the kit is pre-processed. It has been made from shredded barley.
It also includes a pressure control valve and the coasters. The instruction manual included with the kit has easy to follow instructions for brewing.

Hedgerow Wine Kit - Make Your Own Fruit Wine

“Unique, delicious, simple”, this is how the brand owners at Hedgerow describes their product.
This is one wonderful wine kit that can turn almost any of your garden fruit into delicious fruit wine in a quickly. It has the recipes for over 30 fruit varieties including apples, bananas, cherry, dates, elderflowers, grape, lemon, rose, pumpkin, and watermelon, etc.
You do not need a lot of components to get your fruit wine through the Hedgerow wine kit.
The kit includes all the necessary ingredients including wine yeast, finings, pectin enzyme, stabilizer, and citric acid, etc.
All the ingredients are packed with proper labeling. The kit includes simple to follow instructions to make your own fruit wine with almost any fruit.

Over and above this, the entire team is there to help you out in case you find any difficulty in preparing any of the recipes included with the kit.

Brew Buddy Beer 40 Pints Home Brew Starter Kit

Craving to make those mouth-watering beers in very simple steps? The Brew Buddy Beer 40-Pints Home Brew Start Kit is the one that’ll satisfy your desire. Just add sugar & water to the kit, follow the easy instructions and enjoy the delicious pub-style beer. 
This effortlessly usable brewing kit includes a brewing bucket, hydrometer, sterilizer, siphon tube, and the special Brew Buddy Beer 4-Pint 1.8Kg Kit for unmatched convenience. 
The highly functional ingredients and equipment make it a perfect gift choice for all beer lovers. Moreover, the instruction manual of the product is one of the easiest that you will find.
However, on the flip side, for dispensing the fermented beer, the pressure barrel or beer bottle is not included with the product and you may have to buy it additionally.


So, there you have it! Five top-class brewing kits for making beer or wine.

And while going through the description of each of the kit, you must have realized that making beer and wine is just as much fun as having them!

Moreover, you have a variety here. Some kits get you a hard strong beer, while the other gets your brewing done in an amazingly short time of 7 days!

With another kit, you get associated with the 150-year long history of brewing while using its modified patented fermenter for the most convenient experience.

You also come across the fruit-wine maker that can get almost any of your garden fruit to turn into the tasty wine.

Out of a plethora of brewing kits, this shortlisted kit would definitely encourage you to go and get your favorite kit from the list.

So, why not postpone an outing, be with your most fascinating brewing kit and brew the tastiest of beer or wine with your modern home brewer!

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