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Hope you’re all holding up okay. This is a really, really hard time, and there are so many questions around. And while I’m the last one to promote high productivity in times of crisis, small business owners need to face the challenge this shut-down brings and need to keep active for a chance to survive. We’re all hoping the government will provide security, help with loans, tax reductions, and more. Until this happens, we need to be proactive. Since last week, we’re collecting resources and information in the Feminist Food Club group and I wanted to share what we found here. This post will be regularly updated with new information. First, here are my four encouragements specifically for gastronomy owners, that probably apply to many small businesses.

1, be almost – time is of the essence, don’t wait till the real shut down will happen. If you are still open for walk-ins or get bookings, don’t trust that this will be possible next week. Come up with what you will do when it happens, and start preparing now. So, the enthusiasm to support small businesses is super high right now, but this will fade once people set into the new realities and also increasingly face their own loss of income.

2, be creative – brainstorm alternative revenue streams, the easiest one being takeaway But consider, this might not be possible next week. Delivery will become even more important the longer the shutdown is in effect, set up your structures now. Start on online shopwhere people can buy gift-cards and other products like merchandise (t-shirts, mugs, tote-bags etc.) or your own products (jams, spice mixtures, sauces, etc.). Start a series of videos (published via Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok etc) with recipes, cooking instructions, produce presentations, etc. This will not bring you money, but it’s a great marketing tool.

3, make it easy – while enthusiasm to support small businesses is still very high, this will fade, so you need to make it as easy as possible for your customers to get all the information and the access: set up an easy online shop with multiple payment options for your products, vouchers, delivery orders, etc. Don’t hide your offer, publish your menu and loads of images.

4, communicate – make sure to activate all communication lines with your customers, specifically: website, newsletter, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok etc. Communicate your status, offerings and services in detail On all of them and keep all the info up to dateDon’t have a website / Instagram … Yet? Set them up asap.
Put your service on all the listings that are currently established (see below), leave comments on social media, create smart and easy to understand visuals, get the word out!

Good luck!

Get your documents in order now, there will be a ton of applications that will delay the process. Rent, taxes, etc: get in touch with your landlord and your tax office to apply for extension of payment.

Information by the Ibb (business development bank of the federal land of Berlin) for short term loans, applications possible from March 19:

Information by the Kfw (state-owned development bank) for short term loans:, English here:

Information by the Ihk (Chamber of Commerce):, they also have a daily newsletter.

Information by the Dehoga (German hospitality association):

Information on short-time working allowance by the Employment Agency: (application until March 31)

Information by the German Ministry for Economics:
Hotline of the Federal Ministry of Economics for general economic questions on the coronavirus: Phone: 030 18615 1515, Mon- Fri 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The IHK is in contact with the cab driver association to build a joint platform, we will keep you updated on this. Until then organise your own delivery service, maybe even using former wait staff to deliver in small areas via bike or personal car. Get in touch with other business owners to cooperate.

Albatross – setting up a delivery service, open for more participants, contact [email protected] or WhatsApp 0176 80097982
Gloria Food – free online ordering system:
Rsvp – support on setting up delivery service and online payment (via Stripe):

Sonia Flöckemeier – Short-time working allowance, loan applications, and more:
Legal advice law firm Härting – Legal questions on contracts, terminations, rent, taxes, social security, insolvency and subsidies. Email [email protected] with keywords and your phone number, they will call you back:
Crisis hotline for gastronomy: 030/264748-886, project by VisitBerlin, IBB, Berlin Partner, via Tagesspiegel
Hotline of the Federal Ministry of Economics for general economic questions on coronavirus: Phone: 030 18615 1515, Mon-Fri 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Lists, blogs, pools etc where you can add your service, send in your stories, etc.

Berlin Gastro Support – new Instagram account by Susanna Maria Glitscher, DM to be added:
Choco – building a website to list all available delivery, voucher services etc, enter your service here:
Dining At A Distance – listings of restaurant services: delivery, takeout:
Google Map & Spreadsheet – created by Angelika Schwaff: link to the spreadsheet and the map (you can add your info yourself) – platform to buy vouchers, currently build and ready March 20:
Style in Berlin – post on the blog, Instagram, Facebook – add your service as a comment
Support Berlin Gastro – Instagram account collecting info:
Tip Berlin – Corono Live Blog, send your story to [email protected]

How not to go broke as a freelancer
How to market your hotel during slow periods or recessions
Ashtin Berry: For hospitality workers
Ashtin Berry: For hospitality business owners
Free webinar on what is tax deductible in Germany by Freelancing Womxn

Petition for immediate financial help for gastronomy businesses in Germany
Petition for 6 months basic income / basic income
Facebook grants for advertising, available soon:

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