Drones over city skies

Britain’s skies will be filled with drones in the next decade says aviation chief as unmanned aircraft are used for surveillance and even shopping deliveries


Britain’s skies will be filled with drones within ten years, according to one of the government’s top aviation chiefs.

The sight of unmanned aircraft could become common place by 2023 once a ‘detect and avoid’ system is in place to ensure they can join the country’s crowded airspace.

The technology will be used increasingly for surveillance purposes and by delivery firms in a move that could revolutionise the way we shop, according to Paul Cremin, the head of aviation safety at the Department for Transport.

The Times quotes him as saying: ‘There are a number of civilian applications for this technology. I hear of a new one almost every day.

‘People are becoming resourceful, in the same way as when the internet came on the scene and people were looking at different ways to use that technology.

‘We hear a lot of stories about Amazon delivering goods to your door and I am sure there will be a lot more use of this (technology).’

Amazon created a media frenzy in December 2013 when it outlined a plan to deliver packages with self-guided aircrafts.

In August, it was reported that the online retailer was asking the Federal Aviation Administration for permission to use drones as part of its plan to deliver packages to customers in 30 minutes or less.

The aircraft can travel at more than 50mph and carry loads of up to 5lbs. About 86 percent of Amazon’s deliveries are 5lbs or less, the company said.

How google will deliver parcels in the future

In the same month it was revealed that Google has built and tested self flying drones designed to deliver packages.

Called Project Wing, it is being developed at Google X, the company’s secret research lab.

The firm says the drones could eventually be used for disaster relief by delivering aid to isolated areas – and for package delivery.

Separate trials have taken place to test their effectiveness in crop spraying and in conservation by tracking the movement of animals.Also Professional drones are great for tv work.

There are also hopes they could help to speed up the delivery of donor organs and monitor traffic and transport networks.

Things to do in Twickenham

This is a list of things and ideas to do while in Twickenham

Twickenham Museum

reveals some of the history of Twickenham, Whitton, Teddington and the Hamptons. Worth a look if you’re nearby

If Rugby is your thing then   Twickenham Stadium

twickenham stadium

is the largest rugby union stadium in the United Kingdom, seating 82,000 and the second largest stadium in the UK after Wembley Stadium.

Fishing around Twickenham

There are lots of the River Thames to chose from The good area here is the semi tidal, incorporating Teddington and Twickenham read more fishing near london

carp fishing near london

Bike Rides

More and more people are taking to bikes – for exercise, reducing our carbon footprint, a gentle cycle around Richmond Park or simply to avoid the congestion charge on the way to work

There are some great cycle routes between Twickenham And Teddington

Buying A New Mountain Bike can be a bit frustrating as well as time consuming when you buy a mountain bike. Below, you’ll find some tips and things to be aware of before you lay down the cash and buy a mountain bike.

Determining your price
There is really no limit as to how much money you can spend on a new mountain bike. To help you keep your spending under control, you should figure out what your price range is and how much your willing to payfor a new bike. When you buy, you shouldn’t buy from mass merchant stores such as Asda, Tesco or Sports-Direct.  You should instead support your local bike shop where you’d usually get a better bike and a much better service too.

Finding your style
All mountain bikes are designed with several different riding styles and terrain types in mind. You’ll need to figure out what type of riding you will be doing the most. Smooth riding, cross country racing, mountain cruising, or lift accessed downhill is something you need to figure out. Make sure that the bike you select fits your personal style and not that of the sale’s staff.

Full suspension or hard tail
If you can afford it, a full suspension mountain bike is always worth the purchase. A hard tail, without rear suspension, is much lighter in weightand pedal more efficiently, although full suspensions offer more comfort and overall better control. You’ll want to make that decision based on your price range, riding style, and the type of terrain you’ll be riding on the most. If you mostly ride on flat terrain then a hardtail is usually best.Finding your favorites
Comparing mountain bikes component to component is nearly impossible, as there are far too many combinations available. The best way to go about doing this is finding a few components that are the most important to you and making sure the rest or the minimums fall within your price range. You can start with the fork then look at the wheels and derailleurs, etc.

Sales and seasons
During the year, the prices of mountain bikes can fluctuate quite a bit. Spring through summer is the main buying season. If you can wait until the right price pops up, normally in the fall and winter, you can save a couple hundred pounds. Many bike shops will also offer discounts or other promotions/accessories if you buy from them.Finding a good dealer
Finding a good bike dealer is more important than finding the best price. You should always find a dealer that cares more about selling you a great bike than selling you a high priced one. A great dealer will always try to help and give you the impression that you can really trust them.

Test ride
You should test ride as many bikes as you can within your price range and riding style. You’ll find that some bikes will feel right, while others won’t. The more bikes you can test drive, the better you’ll understand what works and what doesn’t.Doing the research
Product reviews and bike reviews are some of the best ways to find out about a mountain bikes reliability and overall performance. You should always look at what other owners and reviews think about a bike before you make that final purchase.Share this